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openJDK/Java 7 : RFE
August 30, 2007, 12:20 am
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Hi There,

Not sure if someone at sun/JCP or those who know how JCP works is listening.

On Windows/Win32, for over 10 years, we’ve had an API called DebugBreak(). At runtime, when the the program calls this function, the OS will prompt the user to activate a (specified) Debugger. For most purposes, this debugger is usually the developer’s IDE like Visual CC++ or Borland C++. If the application has debug symbols and the debugger has the associated sources, then the developer can debug with full source!

When I moved from the Windows to the java world, I’ve been yearning for something like this.  I read ( that it appears that Jdk 7 is currently slated for spring 2009. Given that we have enough time, I’m wondering if there’s enough time to add something like DebugBreak(). I know that not all OS have support to do that. What would it take to do it on Windows where the majority of Java developers live ?