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Java Swing Vs VB 4.0
July 17, 2007, 5:14 pm
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Java’s weak point has been its Rich client programming capabilities . Especially, the ease of use for building applications.

I used to develop for the Windows environment before doing Java. I used Borland C++, VC++ and VB. Whenever, people boasted about Java GUI apps, I always felt nostalgic about my windows IDEs and how easy it was to build a GUI.

I saw this link from
talking about an IDE shootout. He talks about Netbeans Matisse Swing GUI toolkit/framework/wizard that helps people build GUIs in Java and how he feels “Hey, we’ve reached parity with VB at a last! That’s great.” Followed
immediately by the thought “Wow, that only took a decade. Meh.”

Although he did not mention VB 4.0 in the above quote, it’s kinda assumed. So, when will a Java IDE going to be at parity or better than the current VB as far as GUI development capabilities go ?

Process Perfection

I still haven’t seen a single Java IDE have packaging tools like VB (Installshield lite/express). Granted Java has been better in terms of unit testing/coverage, etc but the (till now) missing “GUI building” functionality was costing it much. The fact that AJAX is making desktop apps envious and ruby/php/.NET/FLASH improving on Rich-Client functionality, there is little time to be lost if Java has to be contender for building Rich Client apps.

Europa from Eclipse is a good step in the direction. Idea is trying to keep everyone happy : it appears that they don’t share sun’s enthusiasm as far as Swing is concerned 🙂

Nice Interesting times…

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