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June 22, 2007, 11:52 pm
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Mark Watson, in today’s post on “Everything is Miscellaneous” book review  quotes

“Rigid tree-structured indexing allows parent/child associations but fails to allow general associations between objects. Example: multiple tags allow users to identify information the way they want to access it.

  • When applying tags indicating that an object belongs to a group, it is good to allow a numeric value. Example: Mary is a: manager (0.75), technical guru (0.9), good in meetings (0.25)

That is a cool idea! The sum of the individual components don’t quite add up to 1. Would be nice to see more examples of these!

Probably, should start having a new experimental site for doing it. Now that google also has a bookmarking site, it’s a good time to try this out!

 Related idea

I wish every enterprise had a tag/bookmarking site internally so that people could quickly  lookup what they were after! Wonder if google appliance has a way to search for tags ? But, in order to do that, people need to save some tags in each doc. What if they let people tag  the docs in the company implicitly and explicitly and then a user can search based on tags ?

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