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gmail bug ?
November 15, 2006, 6:09 am
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I wanted to created (yet) another gmail account

So, I went to my usual account and sent an invite to my yahoo account. At yahoo mail, I clicked on the link in the invite email. This brought me to another tab (in firefox) and I entered my details and submitted the form. I was taken to the gmail welcome page.

Then I clicked on the “Ready : take me to my inbox” and when I clicked on that, i was taken to my original gmail account (from which I had sent the invite to the yahoo account) rather than the new gmail account!

Not sure if this is a security bug — if anyone from gmail(cedric, josh, …) is interested, I can give more details.

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It seems you forgot to signout from your gmail session 😉

Comment by आशीष शुक्ल

hi Ashish,

I knew that I did NOT log out — previously, I was not getting these errors. I believe that I used to get an auto logoff and login to the new account.

You’d think that once you’ve gotten to the welcome page, you’re already logged in ?


Comment by anjan bacchu

Use two browsers and you can do that. Here is another trick

Comment by AjiNIMC


You asked:
question : if one already has left the SSH port open, we can as well use scp to get the file. If so, why would we want to use netcat on top of that ?

In my case, I gain access to a hosted system using a temporary key provided by the host service. I can not (without some work) do my own ssh or rsync, etc. So using netcat to shove some data over the existing wire is very helpful.

(sorry for the out of place post – I don’t see your email address and this is your closest dated blog entry)

Comment by Kurt Werle

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