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RFE(Req For Enhancement) : Add SVN
March 4, 2006, 1:18 am
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hi there sun/oreilly/ admin,

public request to add subversion to

Sourceforge has had port 80 access to their CVS servers for a while. Recently, they added svn support .
For a long time java did not have good hosting options. Now we have a few good options(Contegix seems to be the most popular). If only one (Tim Bray, Jonathan, Phipps) of Sun’s smarties can nudge their team to add svn support and somehow make it easy for a java enthusiast/developer to host their applications on solaris, that would be great. Apart from offering free evaluations and free servers , sun should make it easy (in the absence, currently, of outside interest) for java developers to have their applications hosted.

Just like Intel invests in companies(that increases the presence of intel) worldwide, sun’s investment arm should invest in some ISPs, hosting companies that popularize java/solaris/sun.

Investing in Javalobby might make sense. How about Javaforge ?
Am I talking sense ?



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